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Technical Support

Questions and general inquiries can be sent via our standard contact information.

Web Hosting Support

This is the support path you should take regarding problems or questions with your website, hosting service, or the tools that come with it in the rare circumstances that something is amiss:

  1. The nature of the Internet results in occasional minor service disruptions lasting only few seconds or minutes. Try your action again in a few minutes to see if it resolves itself. Check that your entire Internet connection is working properly by visiting other websites.
  2. Check the Technical Bulletins below to see if there are any bulletins about service updates or technical difficulties.
  3. If you notice that this Support Site and/or the main Avinus.com website are also experiencing difficulties, or if you are specifically looking for updates on current major technical issues, you can check the external website:
    AV Support Bulletins (http://av-support.blogspot.com)
    for updates.
  4. If you have a Sure Support account set up, you can get 24/7 online technical support for your web hosting with a 1 hour response time. Our Sure Support staff can answer most of your questions and advise on any technical problems. Visit: www.suresupport.com to post a ticket. If you do not have a Sure Support account, please Contact Us.
  5. Contact Avinus by emailing support[at]avinus[dot]com or by using the form on our contact page.
  6. Follow us on Twitter for additional news and updates: @AvinusOnline.
  7. During business hours or after-hours emergencies you can reach us for support by phone at: (519)819-7152 (Windsor, Ontario).

Other Support

Changes or problems with your website functionality or text/cosmetic changes can be made through Avinus. Bugs will be fixed at no charge up to one year after project launch (for sites developed by Avinus). Other updates or changes will be billed at our usual rate. Contact us here for details.

All other support related requests should be made to: support[at]avinus[dot]com.

Technical Bulletins & News

There are currently no support issues at this time.

Our clients may be interested to know that, we use the the industry-leading domain monitoring service UpTimeRobot to monitor all our clients' websites. We receive email and SMS updates if there is a problem with your website. So rest-assured, Avinus has your website in good hands!

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Website Creation - Get a new website or get help with an existing website. Marketers & Printers - PURL/QR sites, mobile sites, FluidCards & more. Technology Solutions - Web hosting, programming, consulting & more. Silver Key Games - Video game development.

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