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FluidCards Mobile Business Cards



A FluidCard is a mobile friendly extension to your business card, email signature or other personal and business correspondence. With a FluidCard, you don't have to cram all your phone numbers, email addresses and links into one tiny location. With a printed QR code or a short URL, your contacts can view all your contact information in one place. With unique digital features like a photo or logo, interactive map, vCard download and more, this is a flexible and useful service with many possibilities.



Pick from one of many colour combinations or order a custom colour design. Input only the contact information you want to share, and turn on and off features to make your FluidCard work for you. Tailor your FluidCard for business or personal use... or even both!

Easy & Affordable

Quick to set up and easy to log in and edit. FluidCards are inexpensive and simple to integrate into your business cards, signatures and more.


FluidCards FluidCards FluidCards FluidCards

To see more screenshots and colour samples, contact us to view our FluidCards photo gallery on FaceBook.

Reseller Information

Reseller Options

Want to offer this service to your own clients? FluidCards are a great up-sell feature to add to your product offerings:

No licence fees

With no sign-up costs and a low monthly fee per FluidCard billed annually, you don't pay a cent unless you make a sale.

Risk Free

Offer FluidCards to your clients with no commitment or financial investment. You only pay when you have an order. Each FluidCard renews yearly until you cancel.

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