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Article: Simple, Affordable PURL Solutions

Nov, 2013

One of the many effective ways to integrate your print marketing with your online presence is through PURL marketing. PURL stands for Personalized URL and works by sending targets a printed marketing piece like a postcard or direct mail letter with a link which is personalized to their name. For example: www.example.com/John-Smith and such URLs have been shown to have a much higher response rate than standard links.

When a consumer visits a PURL for your company, they can then be shown a form to fill in for a contest, survey, free gift or other incentive. The name and other information from your mailing list can be pre-filled into the form increasing ease and response rates even further.

How Avinus Makes It Simpler

Our LampLight PURL System can be customized easily to fit your campaign needs. It can support unlimited PURLs at no extra cost and it's already mobile friendly. Want to make things even easier? Use a QR code along side a PURL and the system will track which method was used. Our easy dashboard let's you view and review your visits and entries and then download them easily into a spreadsheet like Excel where you can use your favourite formulas and graphs to process the information or merge it back into your mailing list or database.

Attracting consumers to your campaign can be tricky, so provide even more incentive by transforming the thank you page into a printable, bookmark-able coupon or voucher and then view the issued coupons in your dashboard.

Need even more functionality? Customization is always available.

How Avinus Makes It Affordable

Unlike some competing products our PURL system has no sign-up fee and no license fee. We also don't charge extra rates for more PURLs. You pay a basic design customization cost for your new PURL website and a nominal monthly hosting cost. If you are a printer or marketing company, you can re-sell our system to your clients and you never pay a dime unless you make a sale and then it is our usual customization and hosting costs which you can mark-up and pass on.

Our system is risk free. Not sure about selling PURL campaigns to your clients? The LampLight PURL System has no risks, you only have costs which are passed on, and when you cancel a campaign, it's taken down and you don't receive another invoice.

What's The Catch?

We come from a multi-generation family of printers. We know the challenges of the industry and how hard it is to expand into new markets. Many printers and marketers are starting to up-sell printed services integrated with the web. We created this system to make it easier and stress free to help our family, and now you!

Click here to read about our PURL system.

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