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Article: Computer Recycling

November 29, 2012

Much of our society's electronic waste (discarded computers, monitors and other electronics) ends up in poorer countries, where it is burned and dismantled for the few valuable components and metals that can be recovered. This process releases many toxic chemicals such as lead into the environment and the people living there. We can take steps to ensure that our e-waste is properly recycled.

The first step that anyone with unwanted computers, cellphones, PDA, cameras, printers etc should take is to sell or give it to the secondary market. Schools and charities often accept donations for functioning electronics. Individuals can also sell or give away items on sites like Kijiji.ca. Even malfunctioning items can be given away to hobbyists and refurbishers who will pick it up- just as easy as putting it out at the curb. As the last resort proper recycling of these items is vital to keep them out of landfills and unlicensed and unsafe recycling operations in other countries.

Below are some links to recycling programs in your area:

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