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Since 2005, Avinus (AH-vin-us) has been dedicated to providing affordable, high quality services, while ensuring that our clients are fully involved, and understand the process. We strive to be approachable for anyone with ideas, big or small and to create a plan that accurately reflects each client's vision- no surprises. We love what we do and strive for excellence in all of our services! There's more; our charitible giving and volunteer projects are at the core of our commitment to our clients and our community.

Located in Windsor, Ontario, we work with clients from Canada and the USA.

Giving Back

We're about more than just business.

%Avinus has committed to donating a portion of net profits each year to charities we believe in. This is an initiative which, along with our philanthropic partner organization: The Bright Sky Foundation, we hope will have a growing positive effect as Avinus grows. Some of the charities we have donated to in past years are:

Supporting The Development Community

Each year we contribute financially to a few of the open source and free software tools that we found most useful. These projects often have limited or no revenue stream, and we want to encourage their development efforts and support these initiatives. We also give back to the Open Source community by offering some of our own code as Free & Open Source Software at SyntaxSeed.com.

Recently supported projects:

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

TreeAt Avinus, we're proud of keeping environmental stewardship in mind as we operate and grow our business. From paper-less invoices to proper recycling of old computers, you can read about our green business practices here.

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Latest Happenings

Dec, 2018 Each year we donate a portion of our profits to charity, and contribute to opensource proj...
Jun, 2018 We have converted our main Avinus website to be mobile-friendly. No more redirecting to a ...
Apr, 2018 A new version of our MatchLight Decision Engine has been released!

New features include...
Mar, 2018 Each year we donate a portion of our profits to charity, and contribute to opensource proj...
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